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Work-Life Balance

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us how they achieve work-life balance. Here are some of our favorite tips!

  • Alice C. “If you do what you love there is balance.”
  • Debra J. “Staying in the moment is key to achieving work-life balance. When at work, be fully engaged in your occupation. When at home, enjoy! It’s why you worked so hard in the first place! :)
  • Hanh N. “Know when and how to say “No.” Don’t try to do everything and to be perfect in anything.”
  • Sharon S. “Be present and focused whether at work or home. I am fortunate to have a part time schedule so it allows me several days at work and to focus on work as well as allow social outlet with my co-workers. I am home 2 days a week which allows me to take my kids to school, pick them up, volunteer at their schools as well as give myself some “me” time! I ensure the days I am off and home are fully focused on my family and avoid checking work emails – I leave that for the days I work. This keeps a healthy balance, allows me to enjoy the moments and allows my kids to have my undivided attention when I am with them :)
  • Jessa M. “Forgive yourself for not being perfect, do your best, and keep it moving!
  • Melissa W. Keep in mind that balance doesn’t necessarily mean equal. Some days you are great at work and ok at home and some days you are awesome at home and ok at work. And somehow you have to find an equation that works for you.”
  • Michelle I. “Remember that your work does NOT define you. Who you are is a reflection of how you make people feel and how you impact the lives around you. When you look back at your life, you want to be able to say you were there for all those events that were important to you and that were important to the people you love and care about. Live without regret… take smart chances and strive to be happy — that will keep you balanced.”
  • Amanda P. “Stand firm in your identity. You are not what you do in life/work. Life/work are what they are because you exist. That way no matter where you are nothing is competing with your reality.”
  • Francesca R. “You have to prioritize- and most importantly when you go to the gym or sit down for dinner, you relax. You have to know when to turn off!”
  • Shelley H. “It’s all about setting priorities, and being flexible enough to reassess and change them as needed.”
  • Courtney E. “Organization was the key to my successful completion from college and raising three young women, one which just graduated high school. I always had a plan a and b and wrote down what it was I needed to do and the amount of time that I was giving myself to complete it. And it actually worked.”
  • Heather K. “Be in the moment, in work or at home. Be present, and focus on who you’re with making sure they know they have your attention.”
  • Cris R. “Prioritizing what is more important than what is more urgent… And no matter how full your schedule is, there’s always room for a cup of tea with a friend.”
  • Pati G. “Life is too short, know when to say yes, enjoy being at work and at home, kick guilt to the curb and treat yourself whenever possible with wine, dinner, the spa or Ann!”
  • Dena K. “Make plans with a friend or family one to three weeknights per week, then you have someplace to be and have to leave the office. Also, try to leave work at work. Enjoy your evenings and weekends, you can’t get them back later.”

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