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What to Wear to an Interview: For a Public Relations Career

What to Wear to an Interview

Being based here in NYC, we know the PR dress code well – one part trendy, one part classic, and one part comfortable. Dressing for a career in public relations means keeping up with those of-the-moment trends while still making it your own – and being able to take your look from early morning meetings, to events around the city to evening cocktails. When interviewing for a PR job – first impressions count. Here are our tips on what to wear to an interview for a public relations career.

1. Incorporate current trends. Including at least one fashion-forward piece shows that you are aware of what’s trending now – an important aspect of a public relations career. Don’t be afraid to wear mixed prints or peplums.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. When you’re dashing around the city from lunch meetings with editors to evening events – the last thing you need is a pair of high heels. While its easy to be tempted to polish of your look with those gorgeous 5-inch platforms – they are better saved for the weekends. Opt instead for a low pair of pointy-toe heels to keep you looking chic without the pain.

3. Wear a sharp jacket. There is nothing to polish off your interview look like a structured jacket. For a PR interview, particularly in the fashion industry, we love an asymmetrical tweed jacket or even a moto style paired with a feminine pencil skirt or cropped pants.

4. Accessorize. Interviewing for a Public Relations career is one time that you shouldn’t be scared of a statement necklace or a stack of colorful bangles. PR is all about personality – use your accessories to show yours!

5. Keep your makeup clean and simple. Save the hot pink lipstick or bold eye makeup for a time when you’re more familiar with your office environment. There will be plenty of time to show off your nail polish skills once you get hired!

  • http://www.jessydust.com/ Jessy

    Great post! Thank you for the tips. : )


  • Kristen Klotzer

    Thanks for this. As a PR student from VCU, this is great and I’m going to forward it to others in my final class. Especially since most of them are women! :D

    • Claudia Medrano

      VA represent!
      But agreed. PR is incredibly competitive.

  • Meagen Hagans

    I went to VCU @kristenklotzer:disqus right now I’m getting my masters in PR at NYU

  • Lily Samach

    I love the message. Very good advice :0