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What to Wear to an Interview: For a Legal Career


Despite what Elle Woods taught us, when it comes to what to wear to an interview for a legal career, it’s best to err on the side of conservative. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a pantsuit, but it does mean you should stick to the classics – and no, we don’t recommend spraying your resume in your favorite scent.

1. Start with the basics. Find that perfectly flattering pencil skirt, the ultimate structured blazer, and a pair of black leather pumps – these pieces can be easily mixed and matched throughout your entire interview process and your career once you land the job.

2. Keep accessories simple. As an attorney, you want to be taken seriously. Save the statement necklace or oversized, colorful bag for the weekends. Instead, let your streamlined clothing speak for itself. For jewelry – go with a delicate beaded gold strand necklace and grab a structured black or navy tote to go from meeting to meeting.

3. Invest in a few good sheath dresses. We love a good sheath dress – for any career. It’s the perfect balance between conservative and professional, but still showing off your feminine edge. For an interview for a legal career, we recommend you go with a solid seasonal color or neutral, understated print.

4. Keep your hair and makeup simple and polished. Make sure you have a clean part and pull your hair back if it’s long. When it comes to your beauty look – go with neutral shades and a pop of light pink on your cheek. If you want to wear a shade on your lip – go with something that won’t draw too much attention. We love a soft coral for summer or a dark rose for the cooler months.

5. Stand tall in a good pair of heels. For a legal career, confidence is key, and there’s nothing to boost both your confidence and your height like a good pair of pumps. Shoes are one place where you take a bit more of a risk – opt for a pair of leather cap toe pumps or a pair with a bow or tassel detail.

  • Shanie

    I usually agree with AT’s style advice, but this is just plain wrong. An attorney would never wear an outfit like the one shown above to a job interview. The legal profession is still very conservative, and it’s mandatory for a woman to wear a suit in black, navy, or gray to a job interview (preferably a skirt suit). A multi-colored sheath dress is simply not acceptable. The five points in the article are fine, but AT needs to show a photo of a model wearing one of its great suits instead of a “graphic sheath.” I’m perplexed that AT would think this is an appropriate interview outfit for a legal career.