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12 Tumblrs of Blogmas

We read a lot of Fashion Tumblrs here at Ann Taylor. We love to see how the many diverse women that blog on Tumblr put together their personal style. So for the next twelve days we will be sharing twelve of our favorite Tumblrs in a feature we are calling the “12 Tumblrs of Blogmas.” In each post we will introduce you to a Tumblr we follow here at Ann Taylor and show how their style has inspired us to put together some of our own outfits at Ann Taylor.

Our first Tumblr of Blogmas is web celebrity Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places. The Filipino-Chinese creative entrepreneur is known for her photography, modeling, styling, and of course blogging. She shares her own work (check out her recent cover of UNO), her personal styling and other fashion that she finds interesting.

We love the way she mixes up trends like sequins and faux fur. Tricia is never afraid to wear big looks. Our Tricia inspired outfit pairs our playful sequin mini skirt with our sophisticated faux fur stole. Tricia also has a thing for long necklaces so we adding a few layering accessories looked just right.

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