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Welcome to Trends With Benefits, a big event for our best friends. Until March 23, 2014, we invite you to come in to your closest Ann store or click on over AnnTaylor.com and take off 40% of your entire purchase. No joke! It’s simply because we like you (a lot)!

To get the ball rolling, we’ve listed some of our favorite trends of the season, as well as the multiple benefits each trend will bestow upon your closet.

1. The Shirtdress:  Everyone loves a shirtdress — they’re comfortable and super easy to dress up or down. Plus, they look extra cute with a sweater thrown over them — making them perfect for in-between season weather. Trendy tip: Be sure to pull the collar out over the sweater so it shows! It will tie your outfit together.

2. Femme Details: Much of our current collection features lace-y details and eyelet overlay. Why? Because it’s the little things that make for big outfits. Addicted to your boyfriend jeans when it comes to weekend wear? Give them an easy feminine twist with our Layered Lace Shell.

3. Cool Nudes: Neutrals are having a moment, probably because they’re so cool, but more importantly, they’re so easy-going. If you have trouble breaking out of your stubborn “I-wear-all-black-all-the-time” rut, simply replace one item with a cool nude from our collection. Presto! A new outfit. And you can continue to wear your favorite black pants. 

Happy shopping!  We want to see what you buy! Take a photo, post it to Instagram and tag us @AnnTaylor.