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For this week’s installment of “This Week In Cheats,” we wanted to focus on The Daily Beast’s second annual Women in the World summit—with luminaries and dignitaries from around the globe joining together here in New York City to discuss solutions and, as our Editor-In-Chief writes, “awaken new commitments to change the lives of women of the world.” 

  • We’ve heard four brave women from Middle Eastern countries talk about their new forms of protest in a panel called “Firebrands: Pioneers in the New Age of Digital Dissent,” moderated by Christiane Amanpour.
  • Melinda Gates announce the Gates Foundation was investing $1.5 billion towards mothers and newborns, a heart-breaking story about acid attacks on a child, journalists on the frontlines, a session on human sex trafficking in the U.S., and of course, a conversation with President Bill Clinton. 
  • Friday’s third session started with actress Ashley Judd delivering a powerful, if upsetting message about the child sex trade. “Who are these men who buy children for sex?” she asked the audience. “They are our fathers, our uncles. The guy who gets out of the taxi before you get in, the guy on the stair-master next to you.”
  •  Tonight, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joins us for what’s sure to be a lively discussion. You can watch her talk livestreamed online later tonight.
  • As battles between forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi and rebels saw the uprisings take a turn toward civil war. In the U.S., the debate continues in the U.S. as to whether we should commit to enforcing a no-fly zone over the African country, which would ground fighter jets and helicopters ferrying mercenaries. For his part, President Bill Clinton told Tina Brown on stage at our Women in the World summit that he would support such a no-fly zone. “We have the planes to make an appropriate contribution to this,” the former president said. “I wouldn’t do it if [the rebels] hadn’t asked. We should do it.”
  • Oh! And, in case you missed it, we announced the 150 Women who Shake the World list with a fantastic interactive on the site. Go click around & find a new hero.

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