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From our partners at The Daily Beast’s cheatsheet Tumblr we have your must know news and current events from the past week. 

What was on our radar this week? Continued protests in the Middle East and North Egypt, a disturbing spotlight on the dangers foreign reporting, a happy (plastic) reunion, and fashion’s darker side.

  • Egypt’s revolution continued its domino effect around the Arab world this week, with protests culminating in Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen. Police and security forces in each country exercised their own brutal crackdowns, and Bahrain seemed headed for the boiling point Friday, its fourth day of anti-government demonstrations. Bahrain’s conflict is less between pro- and anti-democracy forces than it is between the ruling Sunni class and Shiite majority.
  • Ugly news emerged in the week following Egypt’s exhilarating revolution that toppled the Mubarak regime. CBS correspondent Lara Logan suffered a brutal sexual assault while reporting for 60 minutes from Cairo’s Tahrir Square the day Mubarak stepped down. Things got uglier still when the media’s reaction to the event erupted into its own type of war. One casualty was Nir Rosen, a journalist and fellow at New York University who was forced to resign after joking insensitively about Logan’s attack.
  • The week got off to a sweet start with news that, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ken and Barbie were reuniting. Didn’t realize they had broken up? Indeed, over the course of their 50-year romance, the iconic couple has been through their fair share of ups and downs, and parted ways in 2004. But Ken finally won Barbie back this V-day after taking out billboards declaring “Barbie, I want you back!” and proclaiming his love on the Times Square JumboTron.
  • Models and haute couture descended on New York City for Fashion Week, but fashion isn’t always pretty. At former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s show for her fall ready-to-wear collection, the notoriously brand-conscious members of the industry sneered and eye-rolled. Robin Givhan calls it fashion’s mean-girls syndrome, where earnestness doesn’t get one very far.

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