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The Changemakers: Bethany Marie Olson, Photographer

For our Summer Changemakers series, we’re featuring amazing women who are doing innovative and fascinating things. Naturally, these women are traveling a lot for their skyrocketing careers — we found out how a wardrobe full of versatile pieces supports them as they make giant strides. If you love this series, check out our Spring Changemakers series where we visited stylish offices in NYC. Around here, we truly believe that when you look your best, you feel your best, and are thus equipped to soar in your life and career.



Bethany Marie Olson is… a photographer located in Seattle, Washington that shoots lifestyle, portraits, mobile advertisements, and commercial work through an agency called Tinker Street*. She also loves to travel, document moments, and explore places with her boyfriend, Cory.


What role does travel play in your job and life? Travel is becoming a huge part of my life. Whether it’s for work or play, I’m always going somewhere. My photo work requires me to travel all over, which is the most exciting thing about it. In Washington, there are so many beautiful places to go explore, so I’m always on a weekend adventure or day trips somewhere.

What does “Changemaker” mean to you? When I hear the word “Changemaker,” I automatically think of someone that stands out in the crowd. I see them as people who want to make a difference, even in the smallest ways. They are also people that want to make improvements, or give inspiration to others in every aspect.


Why did you choose these outfits? Tell us about how you take this look from work to play, and why it’s great for traveling. Outfit 1: When I’m shooting photos, whether it’s lifestyle, commercial, or portraits, I love being comfortable. I chose these shorts because they have the perfect fit for running around and taking photos. For the top, I chose this open stitch sweater. I love sweaters, and the weather in Seattle is comfortable enough year round to wear one.

Outfit 2: My life consist of lots of social events and traveling. I chose this look because it’s dressier and more polished than the other one. The shorts are a great piece to dress up or down. When I’m at a social event, dinner party, or vacationing in another city, shorts like this work perfectly. My wardrobe consist of lots of neutral solids, so the pattern and color are subtle enough to wear and I don’t feel overwhelmed.


What have you seen in your recent travels that has inspired you? Some of the most inspiring places I have traveled to shoot at lately are St.Kitts (an island in the West Indies) and Lake Cushman, WA. My boyfriend Cory and I got to travel to the Caribbean to take some photos on assignment, which is a breathtaking place. The culture, beaches, lifestyle, and the people are all so beautiful, I couldn’t get enough of it. Being that it was my first time traveling to the Caribbean, or West Indies, it was more beautiful than I imaged.

Another place that I have recently traveled to is my favorite place in my home state, Lake Cushman. Lake Cushman is on the south side of the Olympic National Forest, and it’s surrounded by mountains. I’ve grown up with this being my second home, and it will always be a special place for me. Recently, Cory and I got the opportunity to document some photos for a brand there. Also, I have been able to create lifestyle images or shot lookbooks there as well.


Bethany is wearing our Rope Print Shorts. In her first look, she paired them with our Open Stitch Sweater. For her second look, she added our Brownwen Leather and Canvas Wedges, Tie Front Tab Sleeve Blouse, and Seaside Estate Pave Chain Necklace. 

All photos by Cory Staudacher.

  • Marlena

    She freaking rocks. Bethany – you are such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

    • Alisa Richter

      Amen! So much talent – love her.