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The Changemakers: Behind-The-Scenes At Small Girls PR

There’s something incredibly fun about getting a behind-the-scenes peek into a cool NYC office where great things happen — and it’s even better if the women who work there are super stylish.


As part of our Changemakers campaign, we identified brands we love that are Changemakers in their respective industries. Then we outfitted them in  Ann Taylor and photographed them at work.


Hearing from these trailblazing women and getting a peek at what inspires them will fuel you up to soar at work this week (and look great doing it).

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Small Girls PR is… a creative public relations company, executing media relations, blogger collaborations, and share-worthy campaigns and events for brands. As an agency that encourages their clients to be more personable with consumers, it’s fitting that Small Girls PR is eponymously named. Since opening shop three years ago, they’ve secured Pinkberry, AOL, and GE as clients in addition to being named to Forbes 30 under 30 and being cover stories in the Observer. Glamour deemed them “PR girls who clearly have a knack for building buzz” and the NY Post named them the “reigning prom queens of the NY tech scene”

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Mallory Blair, co-founder & CEO


What do you do at SGPR? Goal setting for the company overall as well as individual accounts management to make sure we’re meeting those goals, hiring to ensure we’re staffed for aforementioned success, budgeting to make sure we can afford those hires, and traveling to produce off-site events and meet with out of state partners. Oh, and enough paperwork to go around for all of us.

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What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does SGPR embody that? Our approach to PR is pretty atypical. We started as a digital and social practice, and grew to include more traditional media services at the same time that old guard PR shops were rushing to understand and incorporate new media and blogger relations into their offerings.

In our personal lives, we’re friends with programmers, net artists, musicians and the creatives we look up to… and in our professional lives we’re alongside biz devs, marketing directors, and other CEOs we’re learning from. Our initiatives reflect all of that. For example, we’ve thrown loft parties for Fortune 500 brands in my Brooklyn apartment and we’ve also thrown events for Internet startups in the NY Public Library.

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Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? We decided early on that we didn’t want a dress code for the company. We encourage everyone to wear whatever makes them feel their most confident– if that’s a blazer, great, but if it’s a band t-shirt and sneakers, that’s great, too. If we’re a company advocating brands be their authentic selves rather than adopt a forced, shiny veneer, then we better practice what we preach.

I will say that I am conscious of that fact that I’m the youngest person in the room in most meetings or conferences, so I try to step it up a notch for those moments, at least sartorially speaking, with some serious power suits. Admittedly, I keep a pair of heels next to my desk that I will even slip on for tougher conference calls. I really believe your posture and choice of clothing can work to affect the tone of a conversation, even if that conversation is over the phone or e-mail.

Mallory is wearing the Horizon Stripe Skirt with a Woven Overlay Shell tucked in. She topped off her look with the Open Colorblock Jacket. 

Bianca Caampued, Co-Founder & Creative Director


What do you do at SGPR? Since my background is in fashion I tend to work with those accounts as well as the lifestyle accounts at SGPR. Starting out as a fashion blogger myself, I head creative content strategy and blogger/influencer collaborations.

Internally I manage the branding of Small GIrls PR as a company- treating ourselves as we would any other client. Maintaining our integrity from when we started is extremely important. I never want to lose sight of where we came from, both maintaining certain aspects of our original vision while letting it grow and change naturally.

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What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does SGPR embody that? A Changemaker to me is someone who is impactful in some way to an industry or an individual. Someone with an insight or belief that may or may not be the general public’s norm, but definitely guides that person’s vision and actions  so much so that their ideas and way of doing things are imparted towards other people in a very natural and inspirational way.

If there’s one message we try to convey at Small Girls PR, it’s that it’s ok to be yourself and to highlight those unique traits. I think so much of PR involves highlighting what’s on the surface or creating a shiny glimmery facade that people will accept or write about. We like to delve deep into what makes a person or a brand. What makes something inherently exciting and focusing on growing and showing that.

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Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? We’ve infused our personal styles into Small Girls brand – which is why we have the bow and the studs on our logo. When we first started, Mallory wore a lot of pink and bows, and I wore a lot of leather and studs. We encourage expressing yourself with your personal style at the office. I’ve been known to sport somewhat of a grunge/rocker look. My style has evolved with my personality both in the office and on the event circuit, but those basic rules that work for my body shape never change. Lightweight silk tops will always be a thing that I think flatters my frame, as well as high waisted everything. A light muted version of pink that we’ve named “Nudey Peach” has been one of our signature colors- along with accents of black and (as of late) white, which is why we LOVE the current collection at Ann Taylor! Everything is in our favorite color scheme!!

Bianca is wearing the Starbright Dot Keyhole Shell tucked into the Sash Canvas Trouser Pant

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