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Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other

Brazilian multimedia artist Rivane Neuenschwander favors interactive exhibits, and this is no exception. Focusing on the past 10 years, she features three installations for this mid-career survey at MAM. The first is “Rain Rains” from 2002, which constitutes a system of leaking buckets that recirculate in four-hour cycles. Next is “I Wish Your Wish”, where museum-goers are invited to take a ribbon with someone else’s wish and write their own on a new ribbon and pin it to a wall. The final, “First Love”, requires you to sit down in front of a political sketch artist and describe — what else? — the look of your first love. This exhibition promises whimsy, meta-awareness, and like any good show, a sometimes unwelcome intrusion into your own past.

The installation can be seen at the Miami Art Museum from July 17th to October 16th. Check out Flavorpill for more information on this event and all the other cultural happenings in your city. 

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