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Ann at Work: Myra Biblowit of BCRF

Myra Biblowit

As a national women’s retailer, ANN INC. is dedicated to women and the causes that matter most to them.  We are active in the fight against breast cancer through our support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). During Breast Cancer Awareness season, we offer the Ann Taylor Cares and LOFT Cares Cards in all of our stores, enabling clients to join the fight with us. Ninety percent of the purchase price of every card sold is donated to BCRF to fund research. Every year, the Ann Taylor and LOFT brands offer unique products and opportunities to engage associates and enable clients to support the cause.

Since 2005, we have donated $14 million to BCRF.  We currently fully fund 13 research grants that support lifesaving science across the U.S. and Canada.

We chatted with Myra Biblowit, President of BCRF to learn more.

What is the mission of BCRF?

The mission of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime. We focus on funding the most innovative breast cancer research in the world by identifying the gaps, investing in those individuals whose projects show the most promise, and then stepping out of the way. Our track record speaks for itself—we’ve funded some of the most significant breakthroughs of the past two decades when it comes to understanding, preventing and treating the disease.

How long have you partnered with ANN INC.?

We have been working together toward a cure for nearly a decade. The ANN Cares program began supporting the Foundation in 2005 and each year ANN INC. continues to reach new fundraising milestones. This past year, ANN INC. gave a record-breaking donation of $4 million to BCRF. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the years of support and unwavering commitment of Kay Krill, the company and all of its employees.

What part of the partnership are you the most proud of?

It was a great pleasure and honor this year to bestow the Sandra Taub Humanitarian Award on Kay Krill, CEO and President of ANN INC., for her longtime commitment to women’s issues, her dedication to raising awareness of breast cancer, and her leadership in the company’s contribution to accelerating lifesaving research. With Kay at the helm, ANN INC. has become a stellar example of corporate social responsibility, proving that giving back is good business. ANN INC. is truly a company that cares, and its dedication to BCRF will impact the lives of women everywhere for years to come.

 Why are partners like ANN INC. important for the future of BCRF?

Our corporate partners are an enormous fundraising force for our organization. Corporate support, whether through underwriting for specific projects or promotional activities such as products and consumer programs, has helped BCRF raise over $450 million since our founding in 1993. Through partners like ANN INC., BCRF is able to reach a larger, broader audience, bringing breast cancer to the public forefront so together we can support the critical research that will bring about a cure for this terrible disease.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I love online flash sales. If only we could take the same kind of urgency they create and translate it to breast cancer research. Maybe with the help of great partners like ANN INC. and its loyal consumers, we can!

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