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Meet Lisa Axelson

Hi everyone. You may already know me from our website…I’m the head designer for Ann Taylor and I wanted to just introduce myself because you’ll be seeing me from time to time here, blogging about what’s going on in our design studio, talking about what’s inspiring me lately…or letting you know about a great book I just read!

For me, joining Ann Taylor was a dream come true because I’ve always had a real passion for authentic American style (Michael Kors was my senior year critic at Parsons School of Design, and instilled in me early on, a love for great American style and luxury.) Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to work on many other iconic brands, so going to Ann Taylor felt like the right fit!

Reinventing Ann over the past two years has been about reinvigorating the soul of the brand. I started with the foundation—the perfect blazer, the perfect pant, the perfect pencil skirt, the perfect white shirt, trench and pump—those pieces you put on to feel great and look great (even when you may not be feeling it a 6 a.m.). It’s all about transforming the basic to the extraordinary with amazing fabrics, special details and lots of feminine finesse to bring you new favorites you’ll live in and love season after season. And honestly, I think we’ve done an amazing job so far! I see colleagues, women on the street and celebrities wearing our clothes everyday and I can’t believe how beautiful they look and how proud I am to be a part of this incredible brand. At the end of the day, we’re designing for real women, with real lives (very very busy lives) and to me that means fashion should be fun, not hard and not intimidating;it should make you feel great every single day, no matter where that day may take you.-Lisa, Head Designer

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