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Junip in Miami

 Junip translates into music what happens when spring arrives to the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, and its population rouses from a long period of darkness and hibernation, everyone at once heading out to the grassy fields of the city park. They lay down their blankets and stretch out their bodies — exposing every inch of sun-deprived skin to the golden beams — and bask in the subtle bliss of new awakenings. Even though you may never have been to Gothenburg (where Junip’s based), you can relate through the eclectic, yet wondrously easy sound of singer-songwriter José González, who has reunited with his old bandmates Tobias Winterkorn (keyboards) and Elias Araya (drums). The intimate living room setting of Bardot should fit this mellow evening perfectly, and González will also play a DJ set after the show, though get there early to catch Helado Negro (aka Roberto Lange) — a South Florida native whose new album, Canta Lechuza (Asthmatic Kitty), is infused with tropical electronica, soft vocals, and percussive sounds that feel like they’ve emanated from magical mangroves.

Junip is playing at Bardot Miami on Wednesday, June 15 at 9pm. Check out Flavorpill for more information on this event and all the other cultural happening in your city.

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