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Jet Set Chic

Travel Checklist

During her recent visit to our NYC store, Kate picked up our Lace Stitched Sweater, which she wore on her flight back to LA with a pair of pink crepe pants and a fedora. Her outfit struck just the right balance between cozy and polished. It had us thinking about how to dress for a flight – whether it’s a quick jaunt to a nearby city, a cross country flight to the opposite coast or a long journey to Australia – to be perfectly jet set chic.

1. Keep it simple: Wear neutral colors in light, breathable fabrics that won’t easily wrinkle.

2. Wear layers: We’ve all experienced shivering our way through a flight. Build your outfit in layers so you’ll be prepared for any air temperature – not to mention the weather when you land.

3. Opt for flats instead of sneakers: A pair of flats will be comfortable enough to wear as you walk to your gate, but much easier to slip off when you get to security than a pair of sneakers or riding boots.

4. Carry a tote: An oversized tote that zips closed is the perfect choice for your carry-on. Big enough to hold a couple of magazines, your beauty essentials and a pair of socks in case the plane gets chilly.

5. Wear minimal jewelry: Wearing an oversized chain link bracelet or pendant necklace on the plane will not make for comfortable rest or a quick trip through the security line. If you want to wear a few accessories – keep it to simple studs or a delicate necklace.

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