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Headed To A Summer Wedding? Pack Your Bag Like A Pro


Ah, summer! Season of beaching, relaxing, backyard BBQs and, of course, weddings. While we love these joyous occasions, attending a string of weddings can be stressful — especially when you’re trying to figure out what to pack for said wedding. No fear — print out this infographic and use it to plan what to carry in your purse. You’ll  be prepared for anything at the next nuptials you attend, whether you’re in the wedding party, or are attending as a plus one. A great place to start? Grab our Shimmer Canvas Belted Clutch and our Rope Bangle. 

• Add a lipstick with orange or coral undertones for a trendy look that will stand out (and will elevate a simple outfit.)

• Bobby pins will save the day if the locale you’re in is humid or superhot. Trust us, that you’ll also want a powder compact for skyrocketing temps — it will save your makeup, and keep your face shine free.

• Last but not least, never underestimate the power of another coat of mascara — get your fingertips slightly wet and dampen your eyelashes before applying more mascara to avoid clumps.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what your wedding essentials are, and be sure to pin this on your wedding-themed Pinterest boards!

  • http://www.bethanimalprint.com/ Bethann Wagner

    Great picks! I never thought to bring bobby pins, but of course could always use one (or a hair tie)!