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Guest Blogger Series: How To Transform Your Home In One Week

Lulu & Georgia is an online home décor shop featuring rugs, décor, and accent pieces for the inspired space. We asked them to guest blog for those of us. Enjoy their oh-so-simple (but super impactful) home decor tips and tricks. 

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When Ann Taylor asked us to help provide tips for styling the fashionable woman’s home, we immediately had a vision. At Lulu & Georgia it is our goal to help transform your house into a space that is uniquely you, one that defines your style and personality. When you get dressed in the morning, the outfit you choose is a representation of your individuality, and we believe the same goes for decorating your home.

A brightly hued rug with bohemian flair represents the part of you that still feels wild and free.

A set of neutrally toned pillows brings serenity to a sofa when all you want is to collapse into it.

All of the little treasures lining your shelves help tell the story of your life.

In the same way that a classic cocktail dress can instantly make you look like a million bucks, a gorgeous rug or new set of pretty pillows can transform your home into a place of remarkable beauty.


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Love what you see here? Here are the items, starting top left: 

Saran Doormat in Green

Neela Stool in Ivory

Carolina Hanging Basket in Navy & White

Neya Pillow

Kiva Ash Pillow in Green And Red

Sage Pillow in Apple Green

Two Tone Rug in Coral & Cream

Genevieve Gorder Samara Rug in Pacific Blue

Ezra Rug in Aquamarine