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A lot of civil unrest, a bright spot for gay marriage, and a celebrity meltdown. Read below for a recap of this week’s highlights.

  • Moving east to west, anti-Gaddafi protestors overtook Libyan cities throughout the week. Despite the domino-like effect, Libyan leader Muanmmar Gaddafi has refused to cede power. After national troops abandoned Gaddafi, he brought in mercenaries and irregular forces to carry out brutal attacks on protestors to suppress the uprising. The eccentric and despotic ruler even went so far as to claim that al Qaeda was behind the protests and that they were supplying protestors with “hallucinogenic pills in their coffee.” Though Gaddafi has lost control of most of the country, on Friday his oldest son said in an interview, “Plan A is to live and die in Libya, Plan B is to live and die in Libya, Plan C is to live and die in Libya.”
  • Stateside, Wisconsin was a hotbed for protesters who oppose Republican Governor Scott Walker’s bill to limit public-sector unions’ collective-bargaining powers. They’ve been crowding the state’s Capital building all week. In the early morning hours on Friday, Republicans in Wisconsin’s State Assembly maneuvered a tricky and quick electronic vote to pass Walker’s bill—so quick that many Democrats didn’t get their “no” votes in. Now it’s up to the State Senate. Last week, all 14 Senate Democrats fled the state to prevent a vote; that, along with Ohio and Indiana, will be the next frontier for the issue.
  • Gay marriage had a big win this week when President Obama deemed the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. He has instructed the Department of Justice to stop fighting challenges to the law in court.
  • Charlie Sheen’s latest public meltdown may be a turning point in his ongoing downward spiral. After Sheen called into a radio show and ranted against the producer of his show, Two and a Half Men, (calling him a “clown” and “little maggot”) CBS decided they had no choice but to pull the plug, at least temporarily. But who knows if that will stop Sheen. He told ABC’s Good Morning America that he’ll continue showing up for work, and is also saying that he’s 100 percent clean. Sheen’s fans may need not worry about screen time with the actor; Radar Online is reporting that he’s in talks with HBO to star in his own show, Sheen’s Corner.

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