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#15SecondStyle Series: How To Wear Pastel In Winter

Oh how we love pastels in the wintertime — of course, they’re de rigeur… for spring, but there’s something so lovely about cool pastels in winter — they allude to the snow, magic, and merriment that make this time of

#15SecondStyle Series: How To Layer For Fall

It’s time to start thinking about Fall dressing. (Here in NYC, it’s been officially sweater weather all week long!) Transitional seasons can make getting dressed a little puzzling; enter layering — not only does layering help you react to the …

15-Second Style Series: How To Work Your Office Dress Code

Sometimes, one’s actual job description has little to do with what one wears to work — enter the office dress code. If you’re an attorney at a large corporation, your dress code is probably conservative. Flip that around if you’re…