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The Changemakers: Behind-The-Scenes At Philosophy Beauty

There’s something incredibly fun about getting a behind-the-scenes peek into a cool NYC office where great things happen — and it’s even better if the women who work there are super stylish.


As part of our Changemakers campaign, we identified brands we love that are Changemakers in their respective industries. Then we outfitted them in Ann Taylor and photographed them at work.


Hearing from these trailblazing women and getting a peek at what inspires them will fuel you up to soar at work this week (and look great doing it).

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philosophy is… the trusted beauty confidante that offers efficacious skin care, bath and body products and fragrances to help women look, live and feel their best. We take an approachable attitude toward beauty by wrapping scientifically proven ingredients with insight and inspiration. Because we believe that beauty lives inside of every woman, we want to inspire beautiful days as well as beautiful skin. Founded in 1996, philosophy is part of the coty inc. prestige portfolio with headquarters in phoenix and new york.

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Tiffani Carter-Thompson senior director, public relations

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What do you do at Philosophy? I’m a brand story-teller, leading global PR, social media and charity initiatives.

What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does philosophy embody that? A changemaker is not afraid to push boundaries to affect movement – for her life and for others. we live that at philosophy every day and it’s so exciting. philosophy is a changemaker – innovating products and creating important dialogue to help women live their best lives.

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Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? I like to dress the part, always.

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Tiffani is wearing the Zip Front Tweed Jacket and Tweed Pencil Skirt.


Kristina Diaz, administrative assistant

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What do you do at Philosophy?I assist the VP’s of Marketing and PR for philosophy, and fill the role as the PR Coordinator.

 What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does Philosophy embody that? To me, changemaker means someone who brings out the best in themselves and those around them. philosophy embodies the concept of changemaker by empowering beauty and inspiring confidence.

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Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? My personal style helps to define my attitude for the day. I dress for the day ahead of me – whether it’s a killer outfit for when I need the pick-me-up confidence, or casual dress down attire for when I’m feeling relaxed.

Kristina is wearing our Pave Link Bracelet, Modernist Jacket and Sash Canvas Trouser Pants.


Stephanie Gerard, senior manager, public relations

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What do you do at philosophy? I oversee national media relations, partnerships and events for philosophy.

What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does Philosophy embody that? A changemaker sees the invisible and then brings it to life. This is the spirit that philosophy was born from and continues to live today. Philosophy creates products that inspire beautiful days as well as beautiful skin.

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Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? Like most publicists, my closet consists primarily of dark pieces—black, grey and navy—which is not just an industry requirement but actually a personal preference, too!

Stephanie is wearing the Geoprinted Pleated Keyhole Shell over our Micro Floral Print Camp Shirt with Stretch Slim Ankle Pants.


Jessica D’Amico, social media manager

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What do you do at Philosophy? I handle everything social media related at philosophy from content development, community management, social listening, analytics, etc. I also work closely with Tiffani to develop our channel strategies.

What does “Changemaker” mean to you? And how does Philosophy embody that? Being a “Changemaker” means following your heart, doing what is important to you, and paving the way so others can do the same. It’s being confident enough in yourself to pursue your passions.

Philosophy is definitely a changemaker. We provide inspiring products that make women look and feel their very best, both inside and out.  What is in our products inspires better skin, while the words on our products inspire better days.


Where do your clothes and personal style fit in to your career? It’s all about confidence, both in what I’m wearing and in the work that I do. For me, whether I’m dressed up or down, stylish comfort is the key to confidence (hence these work appropriate pants that are as comfortable as PJs).

Jessica is wearing the Modernist Jacket with Graphic Stripe Ankle Pants. She topped off her look with our Pave Cabochon Stretch Bracelet and Crystal Cluster Pendant Necklace.

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Stay tuned for more ways we’ll be collaborating with philosophy. In the meantime, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.