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On Our Bookshelf: Bad Behavior

Hi, my name is Marilyn and I work in the Ann Taylor Design Department.  I absolutely love books and I can’t resist popping into a library if I walk by; I always keep a book or two at close reach…my focus right now is on a beautiful photography book,  “Bad Behavior” by legendary photographer and film maker Bill Hayward.  Bill’s a friend (the photo on the left is my personal autographed copy) and I thought I’d revisit this spellbinding book.

Bad Behavior is a radical new approach to portraiture, rather than photographing traditionally against a neutral back drop, Bill invites his subjects to fully participate in the creation of their portraits by inviting or as Bill likes to say giving them “permission”  to transform the back drop to express themselves in any way they wish; armed with paint, brush and scissor, the results are quite fascinating and amusing.  The subjects are luminaries in various creative fields.  The photography is captivating.  It’s a fixture on my coffee table and at any given time I pick it up, I feel completely inspired!