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On Our Bookshelf: The Selby Is In Your Place

Hi, I’m Amy! As the Senior Editorial Director at Ann Taylor, I am always reading. At any given time I have two or three books/magazines going at once: one for the subway ride, one at my bedside and one gratuitous coffee table book that I like to peruse at my leisure. This month, that ‘leisure-time book’ is more of a picture book and is truly captivating me, as I am currently in the midst of renovations on my tiny Brooklyn home. The Selby is in Your Place is by Todd Selby, a photographer and illustrator with a very particular eye.

In his gorgeous book, he gives us a glimpse into how the creative world lives by calling on his eclectic mix of friends and photographing their homes or creative spaces. The pages are filled with endless design inspiration because of what he chooses to photograph. His incredible eye for detail leads him into the very smallest spaces or the most interesting design moments that might otherwise go unnoticed—but that end up revealing so much about the subject—like the carefully curated shelf of vintage toys in a baby’s room or jars upon jars of gorgeous ingredients at a brother-owned chocolate factory. Every image feels special…almost like you’re being let in on a secret. I have a majority of the pages tagged with MUST-DO’s for my own home! You can buy the book at Amazon.com or sign up for weekly updates (and see all the other amazing stuff he is working on) at theselby.com.