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Ann At Work: Elizabeth

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am a senior designer for sportswear at Ann Taylor. I am excited to be part of Ann Taylor’s evolution into the new decade! I am passionate about designing artisanal, timeless clothing for the Ann Taylor client. Ann Taylor embraces all women and their aspirations and lifestyles. Our clothes are modern, spirited and reflect our client’s multifaceted life style and it excites me to design for a client so multidimensional! She is intelligent and inspiring on all levels, a modern day icon.

My background consists of women’s ready-to-wear apparel. I began designing clothes at the age of 14 and studied fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, attaining a BA in Knitwear, Sportswear and later a MA in Illustration. The illustration here is one of my own sportswear designs!

Designing is a true passion of mine and I find inspiration in it each day. Ann Taylor’s design headquarters are situated at center of Times Square, New York City and I find it fuels everything I design and do on a daily basis. I want our clients to look and feel glorious whether they are having caviar or pizza, hailing a taxi or getting into a limousine, putting their best foot forward. That on-the-go, day to night, casual to chic lifestyle you find in a bustling city helps me dream up Ann Taylor style.

For me, design is an expressive endeavor that touches clients’ lives. At Ann Taylor, we strive to provide essential staples that will become classics. I am extremely excited to be part of such a diverse group of talented collaborative people. I love to design clothing which encompasses classic, chic, luxurious but sensible aesthetic on All-American Sportswear. Clothes are powerful elements that build a women’s persona. They can create confidence, delight, and mystery! And I hope to bring each client some joyous spirit into their lives.

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