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Hello to all! My name is Katie Brodsky and I am a Graphic Designer on the amazing Ann Taylor Visual Team. When I was asked to write about what I do everyday I immediately said yes.  I always wondered if anyone really knew the name and the face behind all the work that I do!

My main focus when I come to work everyday is to create and design the one the only Ann Taylor Store Set Guide. Having been a member of the team for almost 5 years this book has become my baby, growing and evolving with me each season.   The Guide serves as a tool for all associates to use when setting their store with the new months delivery. Every month the book is carefully constructed with all the ingredients that make up a fantastic Ann Taylor store set. Each zone and all windows are strategically merchandised, photographed and listed in our in-house studio. An overview of how each zone should look and written details we call “Big Ideas” which tell the story behind the merchandise are incorporated. Clear photographs of each window, fixture, mannequin, and wall are shown. The guide also contains the color story, design concept, marketing and all the “how to’s” needed for the store set. All of that information is then laid out to form the store set guide. The guide is printed and sent to all stores. The store associates then use the book to translate their store into the new store set! The guide essentially gives store associates all the style and glamour they need to turn the Ann Taylor vision into a reality.  

What I admire so much about my job and look forward to each day is the ability I have to work with my team and our cross functional partners within the company. I have really gotten to know and learn from so many intelligent, creative and inspiring individuals.  Along the way there are always some bumps in the road. My job definitely keeps me on my toes but when it’s all said and done and the book is ready to go to print I am always amazed about how much work goes into it and all the success that comes out of it. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I do as much as I enjoy doing it!

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