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Ann at Play: Kristen

Hi! My name is Kristen and I am a Corporate Marketing Manager at Ann Taylor. Sometimes I feel like I am paying monthly rent for two places – one for my apartment in New York and the second usually to United or Delta Airlines. Why, I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend in Chicago. Add in weddings, bachelorette parties and baby showers and I am on the road a lot. As a result I have honed my packing skills and ability to survive in an airport. Here a few tips I picked up along the way and from much more well-traveled friends.

Packing Tips:

1) Have one large carry-on and one smaller one that if needed can fit under the seat. That way, if the overhead bin space is full, you don’t have to check both of your bags. This is a huge plus, no need to deal for waiting for checked bags or lost luggage after a long flight.

2) Buy a carry-on bag that can expand. Why? Maybe you find a great dress you have while on the road. You can easily take it home with you in that extra space. It still counts as a “carry-on” bag. If the expanded bag doesn’t fit with the new dimensions (maybe you bought some cute jeans too!) good news, most airlines don’t charge bag check fees if you gate check.

Security Tips

1) Take off all your jewelry on the way to the airport (cab for me) and put it all together in the same pocket in your purse or bag.

2) Wear a jacket or a blazer and keep your wallet in your pocket – that way you have easy access for your ID and it will keep you warm in cold airports.

3) If traveling with a computer, always keep it in the same place so that you can quickly get it out and put it back in to run to catch your flight.

4) Wear ballet flats – they are on trend and easy to slip on and off in the airport.

Airline Tips

1) Most airlines board back to front. However, many airlines will board window seats in a grouping before they board the aisle seats in the same row. Why? They want to keep as much congestion out of the aisle as possible. Book yourself a window seat and you may board first even if you aren’t a member of the airlines status club.

2) Talking to the representative is key so pick up the phone! You can find out if the flight is full or if there are any economy plus seats available. I have gotten upgraded 4 times for free!

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