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Ann at Play

Hi everyone! My name is Sandy and I’m Ann Taylor’s Marketing Coordinator. At Ann I am involved in a whole lot of different projects (everything from photo shoots to social media and even in store marketing), but in my free time I love music and I spend a big chunk of my vacation days going to festivals. Last month I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago for the weekend long festival. Of course I brought my Ann Taylor jewels (you can see me rocking them in the photo here, I’m on the right). My roommate Steph and I wear them everywhere. For real! I love going to festivals because in addition to catching some big acts, you see some awesome up and coming bands too. We caught Empire of the Sun and from the great performance we saw they’re definitely on the rise Here’s my favorite beat from them “Walking On A Dream”.

We also caught the end of the Temper Trap show.  We hadn’t listened to them before Lollapalooza but now I can’t get enough of their “Love Lost”.  Wikepedia said that they’re an “alternative rock” band from Melbourne, Australia noted for their atmospheric sound, featuring grand guitars set to pulsating rhythms”.  Mmmm, got to love those atmospheric sounds and pulsating rhythms! Even better than their performance?  This amazing/hilarious music video.  Enjoy!


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