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Ann Inspired: Arlena

Hi, I’m Arlena and I am Ann’s Public Relation’s Manager. Being and feeling healthy makes me feel my best. Bikram yoga is my favorite pastime and practicing something I enjoy when it is for a good cause only makes it more inspiring.

Last Friday night I traded the usual glass of wine for a two-liter bottle of Smart Water. For the first time ever, I took the Nite Sweats class at my beloved local yoga studio, Bikram Yoga Lower East Side. As we came in through the door and dropped off our donations for the Lower East Side Girls Club in the designated hot pink pumpkin bowl, Tricia Donegan (pictured here)—the studio owner and pioneer of the original Nite Sweats class— gave us each a fluorescent bracelet and cheered us on.

We each grabbed our mats and towels and quickly ran to score a good spot in the hot room. Tricia turned off the lights, placed electric candles on the floor, decorated the ceiling with hot pink tree lights, pumped up the volume and cranked up the heat. Once the clock hit 10pm, we were ready for her to lead us through the one and a half hour hatha yoga practice.

We started the class with the usual pranayama breathing exercise tilting our heads back to Florence + the Machine’s The Dog Days are Over. By the time we got past party time (our first water break) and were well into the balancing series we were rocking out to Lady Gaga…. Everyone was smiling and laughing, trying hard to concentrate on the poses and keeping themselves from belting out the lyrics to Bad Romance and dancing.

After a long and eventful week at work, it was exactly what I needed to really unwind and relax. Final savasana was pure Heaven, as it always is. After class we celebrated our hard work with mini pink frosted cupcakes from the LES Girls Club bakery and some ice cold Sokenbicha tea, compliments of a brave newcomer Scott. I left feeling healthy, refreshed and inspired; ready to enjoy the weekend.

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