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Hello. My name is Laura and I am a web designer at Ann Taylor. I recently spent some time in the lovely city of Stockholm. My first reaction was that it reminded me a lot of San Francisco. The light, the hilly landscape and accompanying vistas, the abundance of water and the laidback energy all felt familiar. It was a Scandinavian version of home. I especially enjoyed walking through Gamla Stan – the old town area. The small cobblestone streets and plazas reminded me of many European towns I have visited in my life and this was somehow comforting. I was tempted to purchase a stuffed moose (the local mascot) but maybe more because it reminded me of my little doggy than anything.

I was especially amazed at how perfect everyone’s English was. People were happy to give directions and speak English. . I even met a rock musician who used to play with ABBA.

The city is fairly small and I managed to find my bearings after a couple of days, but I enjoyed the sense of discovery. The sun went down very late and at dusk the rose infused light over the water was nothing less than magical.

Perhaps the most exciting part of my experience was relating some of the locations I visited to the Stieg Larson books I just finished reading. Walking through Sodermalm was like actualizing thrilling scenes where Lisbeth Salander minimally escapes death. Hard to pronounce street names like Kungsholmsgatan became part of my vernacular. On my last night I even dined in the restaurant Kvarnens, featured in the second movie. Pretty cool! An imagined sense of a place came to life. Very inspiring.

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