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Ann at Work: Jeannette Ferran Astorga

Ann at Work

In her role as Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at ANN INC., Jeannette Ferran Astorga oversees our ResponsiblyANN programs, which include our Social Compliance and Green Initiatives. Through these programs, we drive safe working conditions in the factories manufacturing our products around the world and work to minimize impacts on the environment.

As part of our ongoing series on how we support women around the globe, we spoke with Jeannette to find out more about what she does at ANN INC.

Tell us about your position at ANN INC.

In CSR, we have an opportunity everyday to connect with our clients and drive programs that align with her values. It’s a very rewarding position, and I get to work with committed and passionate associates throughout the company and business partners around the world to drive our programs.

How does ANN INC. support women around the globe?

At ANN INC., our purpose is clear- we want to connect with and inspire women to put their best selves forward every day. We know that 70% of the workers who make Ann Taylor and LOFT products in our supply chain are women and this gives us a tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on their lives.

We work with great partners like BSR to fund projects such as HERproject and HERfinance to provide in-factory health and financial literacy training for women in factories where we do business. We are also committed to working with Suppliers that share our values.   One Supplier we work with supports women by providing skills training and providing them with opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have, and another Supplier provides a daycare facility so children have a safe environment where they can learn and play.

What is one project you are particularly proud of?

ANN INC. is a company for women. Our client base is 100% women, 95% of our associates are women and our CEO is a woman. Our company is passionate about women’s issues and this makes my job very easy…our associates are committed to CSR, responsible business practices and making a positive impact on the communities we touch and serve. I am most proud of the launch of our CSR website, ResponsiblyANN.com, since it allows us to share our CSR story and journey with our clients and business partners. ANN INC. is a fantastic organization with strong values and the website provides insight into how we uphold our values throughout our operations, supply chain and in the communities we serve.

What is a fun fact about yourself? 

I am obsessed with tea! I’m always walking around with a freshly brewed cup. I’m a huge fan of David’s Tea, who just opened a store in my neighborhood.

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