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Ann at Work: Hukkster

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Last December around the holidays, Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan sat down over coffee and were commiserating over the special offers and limited-time deals that were piling up in their inboxes. They were intent on finding great deals yet didn’t have time to sort through all the clutter. As former J.Crew merchandisers, they knew that we were missing out. They launched Hukkster to solve that problem and help shoppers find out the moment their favorite products go on sale.

Did you always want to start your own business? What are the biggest challenges?

“I never planned to start my own business. My father is an entrepreneur so if anything I understood the trials and tribulations of running your own business. However, when the idea for Hukkster was born, I was so enthralled that I jumped in and never looked back. It’s definitely the most rewarding and the most difficult endeavor I’ve ever embraced in my professional life. Challenges surface almost every day when you’re building a business from scratch but I would say prioritization is the biggest challenge. We have a small team and lofty goals, so we really have to prioritize to make sure that we’re focusing our efforts in one place to move our business forward one step at a time. ” –Erica Bell

What was the moment when you realized your brand had arrived?

“This year Time Inc. named Hukkster as a Top 10 NYC Startup to Watch. While it was a huge honor to be recognized for all of our hard work, we are still a very young brand with a lot of work ahead of us. We enjoy celebrating our successes but use those moments as fuel to stay focused, drive our platform forward and push ourselves to achieve the next milestone. Right now we’re focused on getting our name out there as the go-to shopping tool for holiday shoppers (yes, we’re already thinking about holiday shopping in June!)” – Katie Finnegan

Do you think women can “have it all” – a successful career and a family?

“I don’t think we can “have it all” but I do think we can “make it all work.” The idea that women can run a Fortune 500 Company and be home in time to put dinner on the table is passé. A successful career doesn’t have to mean long hours in the office and a great family life definitely comes in all shapes and sizes. All we can do is prioritize what’s important and strive to fit in what matters most. It’s not easy but with a strong support system and, anyone can make it work.” – Erica Bell

Favorite summer getaway?

“I love spending time in Montauk. I’ve been going out there since I was a kid and I love escaping the city for weekend getaways with friends. Nothing says summer to me like laying on the beach at Ditch Plains or of course grabbing a drink at Cyrils.” – Katie Finnegan

What is your “Power Piece” in your wardrobe?

“I have a great pair of neon pink heels. I tend to dress in neutral colors but love incorporating a splash of color on my feet as I think it’s always important to have fun with fashion and never take it too seriously.” – Erica Bell