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My name is Alex and I’m the art buyer and photo shoot producer for Ann Taylor. I work on the creative marketing team here at Ann. I’m in charge of casting the models and sourcing and hiring all of the talent (photographers, hair/makeup artists, set designer, etc) for the photo shoots. I also manage the celebrity casting process for our advertising campaigns.

My day to day working life can vary. Sometimes I’m on set at a shoot organizing a team of 20+ people, and making sure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Sometimes I’m at the office doing research to help the creative directors develop the concepts for our shoots. Other times, I’m going out for meetings with photographer and model agents to see the new talent that they represent.

I love what I do, and very much look forward to coming to work every day. Since I was young, I have been reading fashion magazines and taking notice of all of the incredible people that come together to make beautiful imagery. Now I get to work with a lot of those people I had always dreamed of meeting!

Some of my favorite moments here at Ann Taylor include shooting with photographer Peter Lindbergh and model/actress Milla Jovovich, who had an amazing energy and rapport, and also getting to work with supermodel Angela Lindvall who I goofed around with on the set of our spring look book pictured here! Enjoy reading about what I do at Ann Taylor? Check out our other Ann@Work posts to meet more of our team. 

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