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15-Second Style Series: How To Tie A Scarf For Warmer Weather

Just because the weather is finally cooperating doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing scarves. Not only do they add interest to lackluster outfits, there’s something so wonderful about a scarf. They keep you warm when the evening gets breezy; if your hairstyle goes frizzy by midday, you can wrap one around your head Thelma & Louise style. Forgot to belt your dress and want to define your waist? A spring scarf is your BFF.

Let’s get back to basics. This season at Ann Taylor, we’re carrying an impressive variety of colorful, airy, light scarves, but so many of us are clueless about the chic, current ways fashionistas are wearing their summer scarves. Take 15 seconds and watch the video above (it’s part of our Instagram #15secondstyle video series). Voila! You’ve mastered the Wrap & Tie.

Want to get the pretty scarves above for yourself? The first two in the video are our Paisley Party Scarf in Coral Essence and Ceramic Blue. The cute scarf in the middle with the tassels? Our Ombre Yarn Die Stripe Scarf.